From the basalt and scoria rocks deep inside the extinct volcano – Mt. Warrenheip near Ballarat, Victoria, lies the secret to Titan Fitness Water. Natural spring water with a delicate yet distinctive flavour gently seeps through layers of rock, to form crystal clear, fresh clean water. Titan Fitness Water provides 100% purity and a quality premium spring water.

With its high balanced mineral content, in particular Silica & Magnesium, it offers a refreshing soft silky taste. Bottled at the source, Titan Fitness Water is pumped through a sealed delivery system free of human contact to ensure nothing gets in the way to provide a pure refreshing water.

Titan Fitness Water features the maximum known Silica content in Australia (higher than other brands like Evian, Mt Franklin, Cool Ridge) which contributes to its unique taste.


A pure source of natural water from the beginning of time.

Mount Warrenheip is an inactive Volcanic cone some 714 metres above sea level. A landmark of Dunnstown, Victoria, it ceased volcanic activity 20-40 million years ago. The source is a natural artesian aquifer in the Dunnstown Valley below Mt Warrenheip, and is continually replenished by rainfall in the area.

The spring water is abundant and filtered through the extinct volcano’s basalt and scoria rocks to form the best tasting water in Australia.


Titan Fitness natural spring water contains a unique balance of natural minerals and trace elements that form a multitude of health benefits.

The most important of these is Silica. Sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Botox” or the “Beauty Mineral”, it is arguably the most important mineral in your body. Known to improve skin elasticity, this element is essential for healthy hair and nail growth. It assists in reducing plaque build-up in blood vessels and is instrumental in building bone tissue and has also been linked to the prevention of osteoporosis.

The recommended daily intake of Silica for adults is 20 to 50mg, Titan Fitness Water contains 57mg of Silica per litre which makes it the highest known Silica level of any bottled water in Australia.